Perhaps the most beautiful creature I've ever seen


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  1. Posted by areyousafeintodaysers, — Reply

    What an exotic Beauty. It was a pleasure pinning it to my board "Beautiful Animals" S.R. Ridley, A Nurse You Can Trust. A Must Watch

  2. Posted by kookibizzare, — Reply

    That is amazing!!!! I agree. Totally one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. You were so lucky to have seen it in person! What a rush!

  3. Posted by NinaTwoSix, — Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful lion. I've never seen one this color. He may be the most beautiful animal I've ever seen. He has to be a rare color. (EDIT) After reading other comments- Do you think it's photo shopped for real? Why do people do that crap?

  4. Posted by mf115568, — Reply

    Schönes Foto ich kenne es schon seit Jahren den Löwen gibt es auch in seiner natürlichen Farbe denn schwarze Löwen gibt es eigentlich nicht aber Kunst ist frei. Albinos ja die sind selten aber schwarz gefärbte Löwen ... Foto shopping. Aber ich mag das Foto immer

  5. Posted by pattybrown7503, — Reply

    This is such a beautiful creature, his coloring, the way the shadows of light hits the body, just perfection in my opinion😊🦋

  6. Posted by madalynlanzilotta, — Reply

    he is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Posted by samberlotte, — Reply

    albinos rate - "vous rigolez ,?! - ça fait 5 heures que je suis enferme dans cette cave à charbon...

  8. Posted by agoincre8iv, — Reply

    Everyone knows it's a photoshop, right? Very pretty, but fake nonetheless. :o)

  9. Posted by itzmawilletts, — Reply

    I have zero respect for photo-shopped pictures that claim to be photography.

  10. Posted by petiteguparde, — Reply

    Pourquoi tout le monde met des photos à chier qui n’ont rien à voir avec celle ci?

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